Maestro Arkady Berin completed his study with the prominent conductor of the world such as the professors Ilja Mussin, Leo Ginsburg and Gunnar Ordilowskis at the conservatoires of Moscow , St. Petersburg , Riga and Minsk . 1968 he became lecturer, later professor as well as director/conductor of the department for opera and symphony at the national music academy White Russia .

Starting from 1970 it was active as a conductor of the national symphony and chamber orchestra White Russia (Minsk) and became in the former USSR countries admits (appearances in Moscow, Kiew, Minsk, Riga, Tallin, etc.). He has numerous appearances as a guest conductor with different East and Western European orchestras (Italy, Germany , the Netherlands , England , Hungary , Poland , Belgium , France, Austria, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein ) at many festivals and all well-known concert halls of the world. Since 1997 he gives as a guest professor master course for conductor in Italy , Spain , Luxembourg and Germany .

Under his line soloists played such as Yuri Bashmet, John Sass, Giora Feidman, Sergej Nakariakow, Ljuba Kasernovskaja, David Grigorian, Rachmaninov Trio, Daniel Hope, Daniel Müllöer- Schott and many different. Numerous CD, television and broadcast photographs were taken up. In the press Arkady Berin was called as one of the most important conductors of our time.

Since 2003 he is principal conductor and artistic director of the orchestra International Symphony Orchestra of Germany” as well as president of the International Yuri Bashmet festival and artistic director/conductor of the benefit gala “Fürstenball”. In the year 2005 Arkady Berin for international cultural activity received the “Lomonosov” medal from the Russian government. In September 2009 Arkady Berin became chief conductor of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

The style of conducting of Maestro Arkady Berin is distinguished by accurate rhythmical precision, as well as organic flowing gestures and well- coordinated entries , which sometimes are developing to dramatical, extensive dynamical risings with wide- spread gestures of suggestive expression and tonal imagination.

In this way Arkady Berin sets a high value on the acoustic balance between the different instrumental sections of the orchestra, as well as in instrumental solo concertos and operas the dynamical and metrical adjustment of the orchestra to the soloists, who appear as being integrated acoustically in an organic whole but still are dynamically present in the foreground.

With a well- balanced sound of the string section, a warm and luminous sounds of the woodwind group, the well- finished sonority of the perfect intonated brass section as well as a great variety of dynamical shades and a certain instinct for the architectural and thematical context of a work, Arkady Berin creates well- studied interpretations of music of all periods.

Maestro Arkady Berin combinates the razor-sharp rhythmical precision of Arturo Toscanini with the phenomenal tonal imagination of Karajan oder Furtwängler and the sparkling esprit of Leonard Bernstein. With his direct, precise gestures and economical but most effective conducting style and suggestive power of persuasion Arkady Berin communicates immediately with orchestra musicians of all nations.

In three decades of playing concerts and teaching as a professor for conducting Arkady Berin became one of the most outstanding conductors of our time, who has a wide-spread repertoire of all periods of symphonic and operatic music. To this belong orchestral suites and oratories from Bach as well as the great symphonies of german classic and romantic period from Mozart and Beethoven to Schubert, Schumann and Brahms; the highlights of the italian operatic music (Verdi, Puccini, Rossini) and the major works of the german opera (Mozart, Wagner) as well as the ballets and operas of the great russian composers and the symphonic jazz of George Gershwin und Glenn Miller. Since his childhood in Russia Arkady Berin has a special relationship to the way of expression of the so-called „Russian Soul“- the great poets and literates as Puschkin, Tolstoi und Dostojewsky and the famous russian composers as Tschaikowsky, Rachmaninov, Glinka und Mussorgsky.

With his natural feeling for the character of every work, his unmistakable charisma on stage, a certain instinct for the forming of expressive melodious bends and the structure of thematical and motive- connections Arkady Berin motivates orchestral musicians from various cultural origins to a maximum performance and electrifies audiences of all nations.